Wednesday Bullets

By Henry Abbott

  • Your Allen Iverson numerology update: Iverson last played for Sixers on December 6 (2006). On December 8, the Sixers said they were going to trade him. Now it looks like he'll return on that day in the middle, December 7.

  • John Krolik of Cavs the Blog: "I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this comparison from anyone else before, but LeBron’s offensive game reminds me of Charles Barkley’s more than anybody else. Look at this video and tell me you don’t see A LOT of LBJ in Sir Charles.

  • Michael Kaskey-Blomain of Philadunkia: "Inserting Iverson in the starting lineup, which we assume head coach Eddie Jordan will do also alleviates an enormous amount of the pressure that is currently hanging on promising rookie Jrue Holiday. Since Lou’s injury Holiday has been given the reins to the team and Jordan’s complicated, hybrid Princeton offense. Overall Holiday has done a respectable job, especially considering the opposition he has faced : Rondo, Bibby, Parker and Kidd. However at times, Holiday has looked lost and severely over-matched. With Iverson on the squad Holiday can still clock major minutes and gain valuable playing experience, but he will not have to be relied on to run the team and provide scoring punch; a tall order for anyone, let alone an unproven rookie."

  • Alando Tucker, vs. H1N1. Very funny.

  • The Bobcats were blown out by the Celtics. But what about sitting Gerald Wallace for almost all of the first half after he got two quick fouls? Surely that's conservate to the point of absurd, right? Saving good players at all is questionable. Saving them for when the game's over ... Wow. And for the record, how many fouls did he finish with? Four? Five? Nope: Two. The same two he sat with for 18-and-a-half minutes of the first half, back when the game was still being contested.

  • Michael Schwartz of Valley of the Suns: "The Knicks got whatever they wanted, and I mean everything. Wide-open layups, uncontested threes, it was really embarrassing. The night was summed up by a sequence in which Danilo Gallinari, in the words of Kevin Arnovitz on the ESPN Daily Dime Live chat, 'had literally enough time along the arc to check his feet twice, set, and shoot a 3PA — and there was still no close-out.' If a middle school team gave that type of effort, they would be chewed out. I don’t know if it was the bright lights or some sort of D’Antoni voodoo, but the Suns just didn’t look anything like the Suns. Rebounds would fall between players, and overall it looked like the Suns thought they could just walk into the Garden and come away with a win. I know many of you Suns fans thought that would be the case, too. The only question seemed to center around whether the blowout would come early enough that the Suns’ starters would be nice and rested for Wednesday’s showcase game in Cleveland."

  • Feet are to Bill Walton as heel tendons were to Achilles.

  • Richard Jefferson arrived in San Antonio as a stopper. Right? Timothy Varner of 48 Minutes of Hell: "His man defense is good, but not great. The Spurs consistently look to George Hill and Keith Bogans to guard the opposing team’s best perimeter players. Hill and Bogans relish the role of defensive stopper, and they also bring the goods. This is something the Spurs wanted from Richard Jefferson, and could still use, but have yet to see. The worry here can’t be explained away by a lack of understanding. This is not a matter of Jefferson learning the system. This is a lack of defensive intensity. It’s a pity for Jefferson, too. His offensive contribution might increase if he were more of a menace on defense. Simply put, he’s not playing poorly; he’s just not asserting himself at either end of the court. This is something Jefferson can improve now."

  • Maybe Rasheed Wallace is singled out for harsh treatment by referees. If so, it might not be fair. But life ain't fair, and he still has the option to stop it by radically changing his act (or, unradicalizing his act), and changing his reputation.

  • By one measure, Marc Gasol is the hottest player in the NBA. If you have been watching Memphis, that's not so shocking to read.

  • Nets highlights. Really.

  • Kendrick Perkins used to take forever to gather the ball before going up with it. Not anymore, and his shot became a lot tougher to block.

  • The Pacers have helped Monta Ellis and his wife come closer together.

  • Can you start the season like the Pistons have, and finish in the playoffs?

  • Daily Thunder already sold out of t-shirts! More coming, they swear.

  • Portland has lost three straight, Nate McMillan lost his cool to the point of needing to be restrained, and today I heard from an NBA Insider who feels they clearly have to make a trade as the model is broken. BlazersEdge's Ben Golliver: "Blazers Owner Paul Allen was in attendance tonight and, despite the loss, had an uncommon smile and quip for a long-time Blazers writer after the game. Allen wore a hat that mostly covered the effects of his chemotherapy. If you're finding yourself searching for perspective after this team's recent performances, there's your perspective."

  • Apparently the Chicago Bulls just got a lot sexier. Derrick Rose is Chicago's sexiest athlete, but it's his shaggy big man who's on the cover of the French GQ.