Taking the Charge

82games.com ranks those best at drawing offensive fouls (with certain caveats--they're missing some little chunks of data, but who cares?). The resulting list is a wonderfully gritty set of players, led by Raja Bell and Jarron Collins. Rounding out the top ten are Andres Nocioni, Mike Dunleavy, Nenad Krstic, Allen Iverson, Desmond Mason, Kurt Thomas, Shane Battier, and Andrew Bogut.

82games notes something interesting though: drawing these fouls may not be the best way to win, it seems.

...it's worth noticing that of the top ten teams in offensive fouls drawn, only one of the six powerhouse clubs at the moment (.600+ winning pct) are in the list, and the mighty Pistons are actually 4th from the bottom. Indeed, a bunch of the top ten are likely to miss the playoffs!