Thank you, Rockets Buzz. Welcome Red 94!

By Kevin Arnovitz

When I started Clipperblog in 2006, I did so with little thought about long-term implications or practicalities. The early days of the blog functioned as, more than anything else, a personal diary about something I was spending a lot of time thinking about -- the 2005-06 Los Angeles Clippers. Was this thing going to exist in perpetuity? If you operate a team blog, what becomes very apparent early on is this: It's an all-encompassing enterprise and a whole lot of work -- sometimes too much work if you have other responsibilities that require your full attention. For people who have broad interests and wide-ranging ambitions, life often comes calling and there isn't time left over to offer impressions of last night's game.

Anup Shah and Brody Rollins of Rockets Buzz are two of the most interesting people I've met since I joined the basketball blogosphere a few years ago. Both are undergrads in Texas -- Anup at the University of Texas and Brody at Rice University. In addition to being full-time college students, both guys actually work professionally outside of their studies. Anup and Brody are the kind of people you classify as "scary smart." Anup will soon be off to pursue a dual MD/Masters of Public Health degree, and Brody will be working in finance. Their work over the past year at Rockets Buzz has been tremendous. Few bloggers have done so much with such little free time. Anup and Brody have also gotten terrific contributions over the past few months from Matt Stephens, Nick Hetherington and Matt Hohner.

We owe Anup, Brody and everyone at Rockets Buzz an enormous thanks for all their hard work.

The Houston Rockets are a team we have great fondness for at TrueHoop, so we were excited to come across Rahat Huq and his blog, Red 94, which will be checking into the TrueHoop Network for Rockets Buzz. Rahat is a fantastic young writer and his musings on the Rockets are both substantive and hilarious. We're very excited to have him as the newest member of the TrueHoop Network.

Given the unique place the Rockets have in the constellation of NBA teams, Red 94 is looking for a contributor who has an intense passion for advanced stats and analytics (and the Rockets). If you're that person and want to be part of a really fun blog, please contact Rahat at rahathuq@gmail.com.

Welcome aboard, Red 94.