Boys, It's Time to Stop

Used to be that one of the most entertaining sideshows in the NBA was Oregonian columnist John Canzano vs. tempestuous young Blazer Bonzi Wells. But then Wells was traded away, and both men moved on, so that long-running spat has reached its natural conclusion.

As if...

Even though Bonzi is on his second team since Portland, apparently it's still not time to take the high road. (Canzano even went to Memphis to hound Wells upon his arrival there.) On Canzano's blog today, I think it's fair to say the hatred is flowing as freely as ever.

First Canzano quotes Bonzi's interview with InsideHoops.com:

...they always just boosted stuff up more than it really was. They were just making it seem like we was the devils, some wild guys. Because your team media is supposed to be on your side. They ain't supposed to always trying to keep your down. They just tried to keep us down, because some guys may hate egos, some reporters may hate egos, or something. And they probably weren't feeling the way we were. We were our own persons out there. We loved the fans and everybody out there, but we understood it was us against the world. That's the way we felt, because sometimes we had thought that everybody wasn't for us in Portland, because of all the bad stuff they used to write about us. It was tough, but I think it made us stronger all along. And they ran us out of town. You see what happened as soon as they ran us out of town, they had a decline. Once they got me and Rasheed [Wallace] out of there, it's like, downhill. So I bet if they could do it over again they'd go ahead and just embrace our team and hopefully just let us continue to win 50-plus games like we did every year.

Then Canzano sticks it to Wells playground style:

Aww, Bonz. You're right. All those people you flipped off, and said you didn't care about, including the Plaid Pantry clerk you berated, were probably broken up when you were traded away.

I'm guessing, so was Mike Fratello, who threatened to have you arrested for trespassing.

I'm guessing, so were the high school teammates in Indiana who voted you off the state All-Star team.

...Let's see. You spit on an opponent, you make an obscene gesture at fans, you throw a water bottle at practice, you scream obscenities at your coach during a game, you tell reporters that you don't care what fans think, you go "Bonzai" at a Plaid Pantry clerk, you're named on the list of GQ Magazines "10 Most Hated Athletes" and you still think it's the media that is shaping your image?