Paul, Williams, and Bogut

The top three draft candidates met the media recently in Chicago. If you read carefully, there are even a couple of jokes! As far as I'm concerned, these were the best moments (in reverse size order):Who would you compare yourself to, in terms of your feistiness?
Chris Paul: I guess you could sort of say Isiah Thomas. I think it's all in that I hate to lose. No matter what it is. If I'm playing against my mom in a little board game, in the end I want to win. I just hate to lose.
Do teams like that you think?
Chris Paul: I think they do. A couple of teams have said they like that about me. They'd rather you'd have a little edge about you than be laid back and reserved.

How do you think you'll measure this week in shoes?
Marvin Williams: Size 17, I hope. Really, I don't know. I hope 6-9. I really do hope 6-9.
What is your reaction when people say you might take a little longer to develop than some other prospects?
Marvin Williams: It's honest. I'm young. I'm 18. Other players are mostly older. My body still hasn't matured yet and I still haven't matured as a player. It's a true statement.

You mentioned you bite your nails when you get nervous. Is there anything else you'd like to reveal about your character as the draft approaches?
Andrew Bogut: That's about it. I'm trying to keep my fingers out of my mouth. I don't think that's going to change. I'm always nervous thinking about something. Thinking if I've practiced enough during the week and so forth.
Has anyone given you advice as to what to expect during this process?
Andrew Bogut: People have told me not to do anything stupid. Don't go out and by five hummers and that type of crap like some kids do. I'm not going to do that. My trainer told me not to really break from my regular routine. Just do what you do and you're going to be fine. I listen to him.