Bill Walton and inflatable Ben Wallace

By Henry Abbott

There once was a time when the entire basketball blogosphere would fit in a VW bug, if you packed those bloggers tightly.

I'm talking ages ago. Like, maybe, 2005, when there were about two dozen people blogging hard about the NBA. We were sort of like those little dudes who took Snow White in. Matt from Blog-a-Bull was grumpy. J.E. Skeets was ... Sneezy (as there is no dwarf named "Canuck"). Bethlehem Shoals was Bashful. I guess I was Doc, 'cause that one wears glasses.

The Cavalier, of YAYsports!, was the lesser-known eighth dwarf, known as Insane. Really really funny guy. I mean, super off-the-charts. Nobody could walk in his footsteps, 'cause they were all over the moon.

And he did the craziest thing ever! He turned some funny ideas from his blog into a real movie, called "Who Shot Mamba?"

It took so much of his time he killed the blog entirely. And there were real people in his movie, including Bill stinking Walton. And it has a big fight scene with a Ben Wallace blow-up doll. (Even crazier than that, he gave up his true name "The Cavalier" and now goes by the obviously contrived "Brian Spaeth.")

The movie is in the process of being released, in stages, on this here Internet. Here's the fifth-installment, featuring Bill Walton mocking Italy's "spaghetti league" while rattling off just about all the elements of John Wooden's Pyramid of Success. What more could you want?