Somewhere, Brad Miller is kicking himself

Oh man, he has all those Christmas cards to send out, and it has been so busy, and he's behind, and you know how this time of year is, and when you're traveling, and where's a post office, and how can anyone keep up with all those addresses ...

Good news, Brad. You can relax.

Blogger Trey Kirby of the Blowtorch has taken care of everything.

By thoughtfully posing as you on video (it's kind of like signing your name to a Christmas card, right?) he has done everything you need to fill the hearts of loved ones with joy this holiday season:

By the way, I asked Kerby if that accident at the end really hurt.

"That's the real present," he says. "Like a surprise gift after you think you've opened everything. And yes it did. That's an actual limp."