Wesley Fan Describes Wesley's Job on Message Board

Remember a few weeks ago there was talk on a Michigan message board about William Wesley's alleged plans to take a prized high-schooler to the Super Bowl? I'm dying to know whether or not that outing actually happened. (Can anyone help?) I checked back on the message board where it was first mentioned, and found some more conversation about Wesley, including a little rant against Wesley's detractors from someone calling himself "WKUmensbball." First, he clears the air by saying Wesley is not an "official" employee of Nike. Then he explains Wesley's job like this:

...he is a guy that loves sports and has become well connected with the NBA NFL and colleges that he likes. That same guy could pick up a phone and tell people your son can play and someone needs to get down here and see him and coaches will flock.

Another commenter replies: "street agent, eh?"

I would love to talk to "WKUmensbball" and wonder if that name is connected to Western Kentucky University.