Tuesday Bullets

  • Chris Paul vs. Deron Williams is one of the NBA's great treats. Paul is by almost every measure the better player, but Williams has his number and tends to have the last laugh when they play head-to-head. Last night, Paul's Hornets won on the road. Niall Doherty of Hornets247: "Chris struggled a whole lot through the first three quarters, only getting his first field goal with 2:19 left in the third. He was money down the stretch though, repeatedly using a high pick to shed Williams and then blowing right by Millsap for layups. CP finished with 12 points (5-15 FGs) and nine assists. Perhaps the biggest play of the game was Paul's steal with 45 seconds left and the Hornets ahead 86-82. David West had just turned it over trying to kick it out of the post, and Williams led the break with Andrei Kirilenko streaking and only Chris between them. Somehow CP contorted around and got a hand on the bounce pass, making up for a lazy missed three not a minute earlier. He then came down, took another high screen and left Millsap in the dust. Game over." Here's video of that key steal. (And a photo breakdown of how it happened.)

  • Oh wow. Carmelo Anthony is reportedly walking around with this very nice duffle bag. A+.

  • Check out the expression in Marcus Camby's eyes at the end of this clip. Amazing.

  • With Tim Duncan playing so well, would the Spurs take on even more salary this year to maximize their chances of getting him another title or two?

  • Vancouver didn't like the Grizzlies, but they'll go for this.

  • Once the Associated Press writes this: "[Jayson] Williams suffered minor injuries after the SUV he was in veered off an exit ramp and struck a tree early Tuesday morning. Williams was in the passenger seat when officers arrived and told them someone else had been driving. But witnesses told police they saw him in the driver's seat, and officers said no one else was in the car..." Don't you know that this line is sure to follow? "The New York Police Department said it appeared Williams may have been drinking before the 3:15 a.m. ET crash."

  • Cute little Jonas Jerebko video by some teenaged Detroiters. This is probably more or less what you want your kids to be doing. But the whole time I watched I just couldn't help but think: Wow, the comments section of YouTube is no place for these young women.

  • The Bulls make a convincing case that while it's easy to get into the paint, it's very tough to score at the rim against the Thunder.

  • Russell Westbrook scored a lot last night, and therefore is getting some ink. But wow, to my eyes several of those shots were ill-advised. What was not ill-advised, however, was his strong finish of the play of Eric Maynor's career.

  • Remember when everyone in Cleveland blamed Larry Hughes for everything? His stats then are fairly similar to Stephen Jackson's now, so careful about insisting the team needs Jackson.

  • Rahat Huq of Red94 getting into the mind of Daryl Morey: "On Draft Night 2006, I had described news of the Battier-Gay trade as 'the moment I had completely lost faith in the competence of management.' It’s rather humorous to consider just how much my tune has changed."

  • Who wants to trade for a Net or two?

  • As Philadelphia sports fans are fomenting hatred of all things Dallas, in honor of the Eagles' facing the Cowboys, Allen Iverson comes to a game in a Cowboys hat.

  • Is it too early to book the Celtics in the Finals?

  • The Wizards make Letterman for all the wrong reasons.

  • Doing the D-League showcase in Boise on the cheap. D.J., writing for Salt City Hoops: "Following the loss I got a chicken wrap for dinner and it was off to bed. I parked right outside the hotel to hopefully go to sleep. It only took me about 20 minutes to adjust to the 20-degree temperature. I woke up three or four times, but after I put on an extra blanket I was good. When I say “good,” I mean considering the circumstances. In livable conditions, 20 degrees is not good. I woke up around 9:30 am to find myself freezing cold, which was expected. My toes were frozen hard and I had some serious hunger in my stomach. So what did I do? Naturally, I took my ice scraper and scraped off the snow on the inside of my car, changed my clothes, and went inside the warm hotel to take advantage of their continental breakfast."

  • Keep your ear to the ground for player movement. Non-guaranteed contracts are about to be ended, or guaranteed.