Tweeting the Gilbert Arenas Suspension

Twitter is afire with news that Gilbert Arenas has been suspended indefinitely without pay by the NBA:

  • KevinDurant35 jus pray for whatever u think he needs, thas all im saying..we all kno he messed up

  • AndrewMBogut Is it inappropriate to own a Water Pistol? What about if I had one in my locker and I sprayed someone with it? Im thinkin a SUPER SOAKER?

  • AndrewMBogut But then my old man would ruin everything and plug in a Pressure Washer and kill us all haha

  • teamziller Finger guns, man. We ain't talking about real guns (well, sort of). We talkin' about finger guns.

  • docfunk David Stern just put 3 suspensions around Gil's locker and made him pick one.

  • timkawakami David Stern suspends Arenas & upstages Redskins/Shanahan presser in DC. Obvious NBA retribution for Cowboys/Mavs conflict. (I joke!)

  • langwhitaker Quite a birthday for Gilbert...

  • bruce_arthur Contract voiding in 3...2...1...

  • BulletsForever You can legitimately argue that the action merits a season-long suspension. I did. But to suspend someone over a prank instead?

  • CSheridanESPN What tipped the scales in the Arenas case? My opinion: It had a lot to do w/photo you can see by clicking on espn.com nba homepage.

  • CSheridanESPN ... statement from Wizards reeks of disgust, making me suspect they're leaning toward voiding Arenas' contract, a la Warriors w/Sprewell.

  • chadfordinsider Can't put it past Stern RT @benfraley I'm guessing "PERHAPS WORSE" is something out of "The Godfather"

  • STEIN_LINE_HQ ESPN.com sources: Some of Gil's closest pals pleaded w/him for days to stop being so chatty/unrepentant about the situation. Unsuccessfully

  • dcsportsbog Jerry Stackhouse on SIRIUS XM earlier this week, speaking of Gilbert: "He's just kind of a pain in the butt sometimes."

  • JonesOnTheNBA I know people have made this about guns, but let's focus on the gambling aspect for a sec. That is what caused all of this.

  • thinkkaz Showdown at the O.K. Corral & Stern wins. Who would have thought the guy w/no guns wins

  • kpelton When did David Stern turn into Roger Goodell?

  • PDcavsinsider Don't expect any tears from Cavs over Arenas.

  • HPbasketball crap but I do wonder this. On Stern's watch we have the Malice at the Palace, Stephen Jackson, and Arenas. Honest question...

  • HPbasketball Do we overestimate Stern's ability to maintain tight control? MLBPA runs their show and they seem to have better luck ...

  • PDcavsinsider Just saw Shaq. His thoughts: "You got to watch that Twitter."

  • dcsportsbog New to me: After making a jumper against Memphis last week, Arenas playfully holstered his finger guns http://bit.ly/8nOrnK

  • KevinDurant35 yea no doubt [h]e deserves to be punished

  • russbengtson *waits for Stern to suspend the Suns for implementing the run and gun offense*

  • teamziller The Finger Shots Heard 'Round the World.

  • HPbasketball The NBAPA's statement can be paraphrased as "We're trying to figure out how in hell we're going to stand up in outrage for this whackjob."

  • dcsportsbog Sweet! Gilbert's law firm just put out another fake, lawyered-up apology! How long until Gilbert subverts it on Twitter?

  • STEIN_LINE_HQ More Gil: "Earlier today, I called Commissioner Stern to apologize, and I hope we will be able to talk soon..."

  • HowardBeckNYT Arenas has set unofficial NBA record for most consecutive days issuing an apology (3).