The Best Trades

Jeff from CelticsBlog.com

Henry asked me to help fill in this week while he is away. I'll try not to relate every single post to the Celtics, but I can't not do that today.

Red Auerbach said once "sometimes, the best trades are the ones you don't make." For the Celtics, TWolves, Sixers, and others, that was the story of the day yesterday.

I don't care what Chad Ford and other columnists say to sell copy, you just don't trade away stars that are still in their primes and have given all they have to the cities that drafted them. Maybe that makes for a "boring" trade deadline, but it prevents huge mistakes from happening.

In recent years, we've seen Toronto, Orlando, and the Lakers trade away their stars because, for one reason or another, their hands were forced. None of those teams have fully recovered and are in various forms of rebuilding as a result.

Thankfully Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Allen Iverson are warriors that don't tank seasons, demand trades, or fight with their teammates. They bring it every night, give back to the community, and serve as the face of their franchise.

The least fans can ask their GMs to do is to build a competitive team around these stars. Trading them away would be taking the easy way out and would be a sure sign that the GM can't do his job. Thankfully Danny Ainge, Kevin McHale, and Billy King weren't quite ready to toss in the towel.