Saturday's Bullets

by Kurt of Forum Blue & Gold:

Like Jeff, this is one of my favorite things Henry does on the site, so I'll try to treat it with reverence. Or just not misspell anything.

  • Cleveland fans boo LeBron James in a Cavs loss. Hey, if you guys don't want him, if you don't think he can handle pressure at the end of games, there are 29 other teams that would be willing to give him another chance. Good job trying to make sure he wants to stay in town when his deal is up.

  • Meet the new Knicks, same as the old Knicks.

  • No Steve Francis, but the Magic win. Coincidence?

  • Gilbert Arenas vents All Star weekend that he isn't getting any love from adidas. Turns out, they were going to do a high-profile roll out of his new signature shoe later this year, complete with the big-money ad campaign, but Arenas' agent didn't bother to tell him. Negotiations were just being finished and the agent, Dan Fegan, said he wanted it to be a surprise so he didn't tell Arenas. Well, that worked out like an episode of Three's Company, didn't it?

  • The Orlando Magic have waived goodbye to Penny to save a few dollars.

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again: Pabst Blue Ribbon is good beer when served at below 30 degrees in a dive bar.

  • It really, really pains me to write this: The Clippers prove they are the best team in LA.

  • Jeff, that doesn't mean the Lakers won't beat the Celtics when the teams play Sunday. It will be just like June 1985 again. Well, except that neither team is quite as good and it will be played in a sterile new building on the West Coast.

  • Another reason not to go to Bakersfield. As if you needed one.