Nomads Finding Homes

by Jeff of CelticsBlog.com

The post trade period is a pretty slow period for most, but a golden opportunity for guys who got cut for roster reasons or didn't have a job to start with and fell between the cracks.

For instance, Jon Barry was cut by the Rockets, will likely catch on with the Nuggets. The Suns waived Jim Jackson and he could end up with the Lakers. Of course there is Tim Thomas, who was bannished from the Bulls just for being Tim Thomas. His salary is no longer useful in trade, so they cut him and he'll probably catch on somewhere else soon - likely Phoenix. Looks like Tony Delk is getting a shot at a ring with the Detroit Pistons.

I also wouldn't be too surprised to see some D-League studs get jobs with parent clubs before too long. Will Bynum (who almost got a shot with the Celtics in training camp) is still doing well. Don't forget old Marcus Fizer either.

And in all of this, you have to wonder, how is Spreewell's family doing?