Tyson Chandler's guide to parenting

The Bobcats' big man -- who is hoping to return soon from a stress reaction in his foot -- has a blog where we writes about all kinds of things, including his teammates, his daughter and, in particular, his son. Tyson Chandler writes:

This little guy is terrorizing my house right now.

He does stuff and he comes with it and all you can do is say, "What did you do?"

For example, yesterday I was sitting at home with my daughter playing video games. While we were playing I had my son sitting there, trying to get him to be still and my daughter starts busting out laughing. She goes "Look at Baby Tyson!"

He turns around and walks by me and his diaper just has a hole in it and there's almost nothing there. He's just walking bareback almost. He actually ripped out all the cotton in his diaper, how, I don't know. But the whole back was out of the diaper. He didn't take the thing off. He just ripped through the cotton and I was just baffled, how could he possibly do that.

He does some things where you just have to look at him and bust up laughing. When I'm trying to take my nap in the afternoon, he'll come into the room while I'm asleep and walk up to me and just slap me in the face.

When I open my eyes in shock, the first thing I see is his little teeth and he just starts laughing. You're so angry because you've just been smacked in your sleep, but then it's like the cutest thing ever, so you can't help but laugh. That's when you feed into though, because he's sees you laughing so he thinks its funny. So now every afternoon he wakes me up with a smack.