Don't hate Stephen Curry for being a good guy

Sherwood Strauss of WarriorsWorld is tired of sports fans being hard on young Warrior Stephen Curry for having grown up well-to-do and spending a lot of time at college.

But, what the hell is Curry supposed to do? Become hard? Yell at the Coach? We’re supposed to hate players for being disingenuous, not for just being. A-Rod’s annoying because he’s inept at trying to be a mega celebrity. We used to hate Kobe because he stole Jordan’s fist pump, along with MJ’s post game cadence. Since when do we hate nice guys who just love to hoop?

So let’s forget about who Curry is or what he might stand for. The kid’s game is lovable right now, trust me. While the yearlong advanced metrics have not exactly impressed, he’s won me over in the past two weeks. Curry pulls the shot trigger faster than frogs snatch flies. And these shots go nearly straight up in the air -- call it the ‘Currainbow.’ Every long bomb is but a far away floater. If you wanted to know how a little guy with substandard athleticism creates his shot, you’re watching it every other night.