Dominique Wilkins' Bad Attitude

I meant to post this ages ago. It's from an e-mail from Peter Adams, who runs a streetball team called Team Hollywood. (Peter wrote a little something about streetball life for TrueHoop a few weeks ago.)

Peter spent some time backstage at the All-Star game in Houston.

As I was sitting in the VIP green room with former NBA player and current Team Hollywood basketball Captain Clay Johnson, I noticed Dominique Wilkins entering into the green room. Dressed in a black sweatsuit with noticeable dyed black hair and surrounded by security personnel he came in and laughed and hugged with A List celebrities such as Nelly, Fat Joe, Flex, and Nick Cannon and gave a cold shoulder to other guest who were taking pictures and trying to be friendly.

When Dominique started to approach me I can only think of what a young African American kid said to me before I seen him (that he was trying to get Dominique's autograph on a basketball he pushed his basketball away to sign a white kid's basketball and looked at the African American kid and said no more autographs. The African American kids feelings was so hurt and I felt so bad for him that I made sure Clay Johnson signed his basketball, and took a picture with him after which the kid insisted that we get in line before him to show his gratitude.)

When Dominique approached me I smiled and mentioned Tyrone Hollywood Brown formerly of the Harlem Globetrotters, and said hello and when are they going to get back on the golf course, he looked at me turned and walked away saying something negative about Tyrone. Maybe the kid at the concession stand was right when he said Dominique Wilkins attitude stopped him from winning an NBA Championship ring.

Truth be told, I don't know much of anything about Dominique Wilkins or Tyrone Hollywood Brown off the court, but I have known Peter Adams for a while and don't believe for a second that he'd lie about this.