Friday Bullets

  • For a guy coming clean, Gilbert Arenas sure has been a little loosey-goosey with the truth.

  • For the first time in 19 games, the Suns win on TNT.

  • Ben Wallace is not an All-Star, but it's worth noting that he's having a very special season nonetheless.

  • Examining the most ridiculous of all those players who suited up alongside LeBron James in Cleveland.

  • Rob Mahoney of the Two Man Game on how the Mavericks lost to the Suns. The Phoenix defense down the stretch was big, but not the whole story: "It didn’t exactly help matters that Phoenix was getting to the basket at will. The Suns had 22 attempts at the rim compared to the Mavs’ 12, mostly due to poor rotations in the paint; Erick Dampier’s (12 points, four rebounds) minutes and mobility were limited and Drew Gooden (eight points, three rebounds) looked suspiciously like Drew Gooden. And on the perimeter? The Mavs were lost, doubling Amar’e Stoudemire (22 points, one rebound, five turnovers) in the post at the wrong moments and scrambling to account for Steve Nash (19 points, 11 assists). The mayhem left plenty of shooters open from behind the arc, where the Suns’ collection of marksmen nailed nine of their fifteen attempts. 38 of Phoenix’s 73 attempts came from highly efficient spots on the floor, and they added 31 free throw attempts just for the hell of it. That’s three very efficient ways of scoring for the Suns, contributing a total of 82 points on 51 estimated possessions. Needless to say, that’s not exactly championship caliber defense."

  • In congratulating his Thunder teammates on being named to the All-Star and rookie teams, Nick Collison reveals a nickname for James Harden: Jimbo Slice.

  • Comparing one of literature's great recluses -- the recently deceased J.D. Salinger -- with one of basketball's great recluse, Tim Duncan.

  • Brendan Jackson of CelticsHub: "It’s hard to believe Dwight Howard only scored 19 points and 10 rebounds when Perkins only played 15 minutes. It’s even harder to believe that Perk picked up 5 fouls in 15 minutes and only two of those fouls came while guarding Howard one on one. What’s even even harder harder to believe is that for a stretch in the fourth quarter, Dwight Howard dominated offensively without a single thunderous dunk. Howard connected on three hook shots 7 feet and beyond that we had all grown accustomed to seeing roll off the rim. I’m not ready to crown Dwight Howard as an effective and versatile low-post scorer, but I am impressed and will be monitoring to see if this gains any consistency."

  • Rasheed Wallace's help defense is slow.

  • Sulking Nets.

  • Can your Tracy McGrady fathead get injured?

  • The Utah Jazz are like Toyota, only better.

  • George Karl says he has never coached a personality like J.R. Smith.