Ricky Rubio as the European Jason Kidd

A player who sees the court like nobody's business, plays clever defense, rebounds a lot and really isn't much of a scorer?

M. Haubs of the Painted Area has been watching lots of Ricky Rubio, and thinks he might be seeing Kidd. He used a John Hollinger formula to take Rubio's Euroleague statistics and project them into NBA production.

Here's what Ricky's per-36 minute numbers look like when translated to the NBA: 8.3 points, 6.5 rebounds, 12.7 assists, .343 FG%, 15.6 PER

  • Consider that Steve Nash leads the NBA in assists per 36 minutes with 11.8, followed by Chris Paul at 10.6, and Rubio's 12.7 number jumps off the page.

  • Consider also that Kyle Lowry leads NBA point guards in rebounds per 36 minutes with 5.8, followed by Jason Kidd at 5.3 and Russell Westbrook at 5.0, and you start to get a sense of Ricky's nose for the ball as a rebounder, too.

  • Yet, on the other end of the spectrum, consider how bad that .343 FG% is -- Trevor Ariza is last among qualified NBA players at .378, followed by Brandon Jennings at .383 and Vince Carter (!) at .390.

  • And that 8.3 points per 36 is really low, too. Out of all NBA players, it would rank 377th, behind notables such as Chris Duhon and Jason Kidd at 8.8.

Of course, these aren't precise numbers, especially based off of a 10-game, 210-minute sample, but it at least should give a sense of how Rubio is at extremes as a passer/ballhawk on one end and as a scorer on the other.

Increasingly, I wonder if Kidd might be the most apt comparison for Rubio.

There are, of course differences. Rubio has actually been shooting 3s well, something Kidd has only lately mastered. Rubio is also taller and longer. Kidd, meanwhile, has probably always been a better scorer at the rim. But it's not easy to compare Rubio to anyone, and Kidd is as good a call as any.