Lester is more in Memphis

I talked to some Celtics personnel about Memphis guard Lester Hudson last week, because Hudson had been drafted by the Celtics and spent half the season with them before he was released to avoid guaranteeing his contract. The Grizzlies scooped him up on a 10-day contract and he played a big role in Monday’s win against the Lakers, scoring 11 points in the second quarter.

Boston didn’t want to lose Hudson and considered him an NBA player. Although he was often way too aggressive for his own good last night -- he hoisted some wild shots off the dribble -- he shot well off the catch and, on a night where Memphis' sixth man Sam Young couldn’t suit up, provided a needed boost of offense.

The question going forward is whether his shot selection will undermine his other skills. Hudson is a shoot-first small guard, a species that often has trouble adjusting to the NBA, but he has a good body and competes very well at the defensive end -- in last night’s second quarter he took several shifts against Kobe Bryant and held his own. What has to improve is his ability to run pick-and-roll plays to get shots for others rather than just a wild jack from 25 feet. If he can manage that, he’ll be in the league a long time as a Bobby Jackson-type bench scorer.