Take a bow, Jeff Bower

Now that Chris Paul is out for a month (bowling), consider the Hornets' rookie starting backcourt. Ryan Schwan of Hornets247 writes:

So here are the Hornets: In the starting backcourt are two rookie guards. One was taken 21st in the draft, the other 43rd. Both had enough perceived weaknesses and faults that more than half the teams in the league passed on them. There were seven point guards taken in front of Darren Collison (nine if you include Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry as PGs). There were twelve shooting guards taken in front of Marcus Thornton. The expectations for them were not high.

The results have said otherwise. Despite all the perceived weaknesses, the two of them have formed one of the best drafts any team can claim. As starters, they have combined for 32.9 points on 25.8 shots (1.28 points per shot), 8.2 assists, and 7.7 rebounds a game. That's comparable, or better, than a good 75% of the backcourts in the rest of the league.

Jeff Bower the coach must be pining for Paul to return. Bower the general manager, however, must love seeing those rookies perform.