Crittenton could still be traded

By Chris Sheridan

The NBA players' union announced this afternoon that Javaris Crittenton will not be appealing his season-long suspension for his role in the now-infamous gun incident in the Washington Wizards' locker room.

One of the reasons he isn't fighting it: It wouldn't be worth the trouble -- and a long arbitration battle might actually prevent Crittenton from resuming his career overseas in a month or two if/when he's fully recovered from the left foot surgery he underwent in November.

So for now, Crittenton will rehab on his own (he is not allowed to use the Wizards' facilities) and wait to see if the Wizards trade him before the Feb. 18 deadline.

That's right: Trade him.

It's an option the Wizards have at their disposal.

I mentioned this in yesterday's chat, and it bears repeating: There is no NBA rule prohibiting a team from trading a suspended player, meaning the Wizards could throw in Crittenton's expiring $1.48 million contract to make the salaries match in a trade involving any of their other players.

The acquiring team would then presumably waive Crittenton, and he would be free to ply his trade in Europe or elsewhere overseas after he cleared waivers. (Unlike drug suspensions, a conduct suspension cannot be used as grounds to prevent a player from getting the official letter of clearance needed to play in a FIBA sanctioned league.)