It's about the portions

Many times on TrueHoop, we have discussed the fact that NBA players love the Cheesecake Factory.

There are many theories as to why.

Comedian Mike Birbiglia (who is not in the NBA, and with good reason) also travels a lot. He writes that his love of the Cheesecake Factory is all about generosity:

I love their “Chicken sandwich the size of a soccer ball” and their “Piece of cake as large as an entire cake.”

Hey, if the Factory says it’s one serving, who am I to question them?

They’re building this stuff to factory specifications.

Now, I took kind of a cheap shot at Birbiglia's hoops skills in setting up that last quote. That's because I've seen a bit of his game on video, and he recently wrote this:

I was never good at basketball as a kid. As a matter of fact, it was the only sport where I actually cried while playing in a competitive game. I was in fifth grade. And I’m in a game and someone passes me the ball and I shoot. And the ball doesn’t reach the height of the hoop or the distance in between me and the hoop. It looked like I was playing a different sport altogether. Like volleyball or shot-put or one of those British sports I’m not familiar with. That’s when the other players started laughing, and I started crying. And I’ll tell you, you really lose the confidence of your fellow players when your cheeks get that puffy. They will not throw you the rock when you have tears streaming down your face. I was like, “I’m open.” They were like, “We know. We are well aware of your openness.” I’m like, “No one’s covering me!” They’re like, “We wouldn’t either if we were on the other team, which we kind of wish we were.”