Seattle Loves Chris Wilcox

People have been apathetic about Chris Wilcox his whole career.

But no more. Here's what Kevin Pelton has to say about the new forward:

What makes Wilcox arguably the Sonics best finisher since Shawn Kemp was patrolling the paint is not merely the frequency of his slams, but also their ferocity. Wilcox is able to dunk through traffic as well as anyone in the league because he attacks the basket so relentlessly.

"That's my aggressive side," Wilcox said. "I just want to go out there and take everything to the basket strong. Some of the dunks I do miss are because I'm going too hard to the basket. Me, I just want to finish everything; that's the best way to finish is to go hard."

That article starts with the news that he's using more tape on his hands, because he's dunking so hard and often that he needs extra protection.

Remember when Rasheed Wallace used to play like that?

SuperSonicSoul is calling him Chris "Rocks Your Box" Wilcox.