Chin Up, Penny Hardaway

What's he up to now? What's next for a wayward has-been who would like to lace 'em up a few more times?

Wikipedia says he's working out in Houston with John Lucas. Is that current?

His official website is pretty upbeat.

I am still rehabbing my knee and I don’t know if I will actually play in Orlando but whatever happens I am prepared. I think to complain about anything at this point in my career would seem ungrateful for all the wonderful moments the league has allowed me. This is actually an exciting time for me, I have new roads to go down and I am finding that as you approach milestones in age you really are able to put everything in proper prospective. I AM STILL BLESSED AND I AM HAPPY.

What I'd really like to see is video or a transcript of the interview he did recently with John Thompson on TNT. Anyone know where I can find that?