A Real Need4Sheed

This is a great moment in NBA blogging history.

First of all, it's news that Rasheed Wallace is going to be a guest on Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith. 'Sheed is not your typical talk show guy (and I have a t-shirt David Stern gave me to prove it. It says "both teams played hard," making fun of Rasheed Wallace for the worst post-game interview ever, when he repeated that phrase again and again. Stern handed them out to the members of the Professional Basketball Writers' Association at the NBA finals. I wear it proudly doing yardwork and that kind of stuff. It's mauve.). I'd blog about that all by itself.

I pray the video will be available online somehow so we can all watch from our desks at work.

But what's much more important, is that the people from Quite Frankly invited the people from the Need4Sheed blog to sit in the audience, and Natalie bought plane tickets! If you're going to be in NNew York tomorrow and want tickets, click the above link and talk to Natalie. She can hook you up.

And if you're wondering what it's like to be a guest in the Stephen A. audience, read about Deadspin's fieldtrip.