The mood in Dallas: Slush

All-Star Thursday was a day of receiving texts and e-mails from people saying that their flights had been canceled.

Several people who had been planning to come to Dallas have already given up entirely. One friend gave up after pointing that several inches of snow -- which means nothing in, say, Detroit -- is a big deal in Dallas because the airport has no snow plows.

My flight was one of the lucky ones that made it without any major hassles. The runway, upon landing, was like a country road that has not been plowed in the snowstorm -- white and snowy but for a few tire tracks down the middle.

As much as the runway was not plowed, neither are the roads. Wet snow and slush covers everything. There were certainly a lot of cars with bent fenders and angry owners along the route from the airport.

Word is that Brandon Jennings made it without a hitch from the East Coast. Still checking on Brook Lopez and Danilo Gallinari -- two players who were trying to fly commercial from the Northeast yesterday, and due to play Friday evening. (UPDATE: Gallinari and Lopez have both arrived.)

And, of course, the new complication is that now that the snow is at destination, instead of the departure city, flights from all over are being canceled. Three people have told me they have had trouble finding flights from Los Angeles. We'll keep you posted if we hear of any players who are running late.

Meanwhile, what have they missed so far? On video from Dallas, J.E. Skeets and Tas Melas capture the spirit.