John Hollinger and Wayne Winston: Camby trade good for both teams

John Hollinger (Insider) gives the Clippers a B+ and the Blazers a B for trade in which Marcus Camby was exchanged for Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw and cash.

His point is that Camby is still on track to be a free agent next summer, and could absolutely return to the Clippers. Meanwhile, the Clippers also get Travis Outlaw's Bird rights, which could be useful to them or another team. And even before the summer the Clippers may well see good results.

The Clippers have several power forward candidates, including the uncelebrated but hugely productive Craig Smith, so Camby's loss might not be a huge blow. Meanwhile, Blake is a major upgrade on Sebastian Telfair at backup point guard and Outlaw, who should be back in a few weeks, offers similar improvement over Al Thornton and Rasual Butler at the small forward spot.

Wayne Winston, adjusted plus/minus expert who advised Mark Cuban and the Mavericks for nine years, e-mails some quick analysis

Outlaw hasn't played since mid-November, and therefore is not part of this analysis of who has been playing well lately:

This year both Blake and Camby are solid with plus-five Adjusted +/-.

Winston has his own measure of how a player's performance affects wins -- it rewards, for instance, crunch time performance. He calls it Impact.

In Impact rating Blake has been great: ninth in League. Camby is 80th. Past two years Blake averaged +3 adjusted plus/minus and Camby +2.

Outlaw averaged -1 adjusted plus/minus last two years.

I like this trade for both teams because Blake knows how to win games (good impact) and Clippers need that.

For Blazers Camby will take Howard's and Pendergraph's minutes. They each have poor adjusted plus/minus of -14 and very poor Impact, so Portland should greatly improve.

If Brandon Roy heals Portland should definitely be a contender in playoffs.