Kevin Durant's big night

The UndertakerGaye Gerard/Getty Images

As the Undertaker enters ... that's the moment to sneak into the ring.

Kevin Durant had a pretty bad Wednesday night, as his Thunder was smacked around by the Nuggets in one of the more important games of his young career.

But that doesn't mean he didn't have a blast watching professional wrestling at the Ford Center on Monday night, as Durant describes on his blog:

I know some of the stuff is predetermined or practiced, but the allure for me was just the moves the wrestlers can execute. Those aren’t easy. Moves like the figure four and the pedigree and the choke slams that you play on video games when you’re younger, to see them come out of nowhere and do their signature moves was way cool and I can’t tell you how glad I am to have had the opportunity to watch it. I wasn’t going to go at first but I’m glad I did.

And no lie, I was thinking about going onstage if the Undertaker came out. He showed up on the big screen, and you know when the Undertaker comes out everything goes black for a while. I was right by the ring so I was going to jump over the rail and jump in the ring and by the time they put the lights on I was going to be up there right beside the Undertaker. I was just going to do it spur of the moment! I was going to have fun with it. But he didn’t come out, so it never happened.