Tuesday Bullets

  • Daryl Morey's Facebook page: "My 8-year-old was playing NBA Live today & told me 'I figured out the strategy to beat the game.' Oh what is that? 'Just give the ball to Kobe.'"

  • Gregg Popovich's beautiful inbounds play.

  • John Hollinger ranks the best shooters of all time (Insider). You might be surprised to see who tops the list, and to see that Stephen Curry is on pace to make the top ten. And Kevin Pelton digs in a bit more.

  • The Blazers had more front office geeky types at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference last weekend than available players for many games this season.

  • The fact that LeBron James might be coming to New York may be helping the Knicks sell tickets already.

  • Ryan Schwan of Hornets247: "Peja Stojakovic left the game with a groin strain. I saw him gripping his shorts in pain at one point, and I was just praying it wasn't his back again. I also can feel some solidarity with him, because I too strained my groin this weekend. Of course, he did it doing something cool like playing NBA basketball, and I did it trying to keep from tripping over my own feet while teaching my son to ride his bicycle. So, uh, maybe I'll just stop talking about groins now."

  • If you're a fan of a team that isn't using advanced basketball analysis, should you feel a little cheated?

  • WANTED: That guy in the Pistons snuggie at the Cavaliers' game.

  • From last Friday, but still must-read: An amazing analysis of Jerry West's time as an NBA general manager.

  • John Krolik of Cavs the Blog: "What Manu [Ginobili] does still have is that evil step-back jumper of his. I’ll never know quite how Manu gets the space that he does for that thing. The release isn’t quick, it’s kind of low, and Manu barely jumps when he shoots it. He makes it work somehow, and tonight Ginobili was just raining threes. About the only thing that could slow him down was an extra coat of paint on the line that turned his game-tying three into a two. Between Kobe and Ginobili, the three-point line has really helped the Cavs out in the race for the league’s best record."

  • Shortly after going to Houston, Jordan Hill has his best game ever.

  • How to dribble.

  • Great Hollinger line: "When we say Nash equilibrium, by the way, we’re referring to John Nash, not Steve; and when we say John Nash, we’re referring to the guy from 'A Beautiful Mind,' not the one who drafted Sebastian Telfair ahead of Al Jefferson. Also, the paper was presented by somebody named Brian Skinner, which had us taking bets beforehand on whether he’d be a backup center with a two-toned goatee."

  • Don't assume the Lakers are a great offensive team. They're a great defensive team, but the offense has had some trouble. Wayne Winston says Ron Artest and Andrew Bynum have not been great on offense.

  • Dan Shanoff: "In the end, like everyone at the conference, I believe in analytics. But there is a misconception that analytics is about numbers, rather than about the intersection of numbers and people."

  • "This Mike Bibby toy will haunt your dreams."

  • Knickerblogger names Magic Johnson the greatest point guard of all time: "The most interesting thing about Magic’s career is how unlikely it was. A 6-8 point guard without three point range is unthinkable today. If you had to construct Magic from today’s players, you’d take Joe Johnson (minus the three point shot), give him Steve Nash’s passing and efficient scoring, add Ronnie Brewer’s steals, combine LeBron’s rebounding, and sprinkle a little of White Chocolate’s flash (from his Sacramento days). Just an unbelievable mix of attributes, and a truly unique athlete."

  • Rasheed Wallace has stopped shooting so many 3s.

  • The Knicks get a key stop for the win.

  • Former Georgetown teammate Jerome Williams interviewed by LostLettermen.com before recent reports of trouble, talks about Allen Iverson off the court. "He’s an artist. The first thing that comes to my mind is coming into the locker room before big games and before the coaches had chance to put up the game plans on the chalk board, and Allen drawing caricatures of our team, his teammates on the board, in cartoon. And I mean he could really draw and he’d have us cracking up. I remember he drew a picture of Jahidi White with his belly out, holding a hamburger. I mean talk about breaking the ice before the game and getting everybody laughing. John Thompson, when he came in and looked at it, he had a good chuckle too. But just doing things like that. That’s something that probably nobody knows, but if you give him a pencil and a paper, he can really draw. I remember he drew pictures of me one time and one of my other teammates, who was from Africa -- he drew him with a Tarzan suit and a spear. And I mean he just created things like that and making people laugh. He always had a thing for making people laugh."