D.J. Mbenga can't do reality TV

Mike Trudell of the Lakers' official website just published a funny and interesting exchange with the Congo's D.J. "Congo Cash" Mbenga. They goof around a lot, but there's a truly poignant moment near the end. Trudell asks about reality television. Mbenga's answer puts a capital "R" on Reality, and ditches the television:

I think you’d be an ideal cast member for the MTV’s “Real World.” You could regulate or stop all in house fights, use your sensitive side to calm the girls down when they got catty and emotional, make sure no one messed with the group when everyone goes out and offer perhaps the best confessionals in RW history.

I’ll tell you something. I have a contract sitting in my house, any time I want to sign it, to do a reality show with a major TV network. An African coming over here, having success, winning a championship and how an African copes with the culture here.

But I can’t do a reality show.

That’s not my persona. I’m a leader. I’m not a leader on the (Lakers), but I’m a leader where I come from. People are looking at me. People hear what I say, they know what I do. I can’t do some stuff that’s stupid like that. That’s all we have over there. We have messed up everything (in Congo). We’ve messed up politically, we’ve messed up our education, our economy … so I can’t come with something like that. People are looking to me for inspiration and so I will live up to that.