Zaza Pachulia makes dreams come true

In a game against the Bobcats, Hawks' center Zaza Pachulia took to the court in a jersey that misspelled his name.

Across his back, it read P-C-A-H-U-L-I-A.

That's just exactly the kind of thing that bloggers adore, and sure enough, Peachtree Hoops blogger "Hawksdawgs" wrote that he would give his house in exchange for the jersey.

And today, that very jersey was delivered to the blogger's house, courtesy of Mr. Pachulia, who says he is a Peachtree Hoops reader.

This is not, Hawksdawgs assures me, an April Fool's joke. The blogger calls this one of the best days of his life: "The weather is perfect, the Hawks beat the Lakers, and Zaza Pachulia is a god."

Not to mention, he gets to keep his 1920's craftsman bungalow, which he says "needs some work, but has a great driveway for basketball."