Martell Webster Looks Good in the Washington Post

The paper is keeping tabs on the last class to go straight from high school to the pros. Today Michael Lee writes nice things about Blazer rookie Martell Webster:

Webster has made it a habit to drive from the Rose Garden to the Trail Blazers' practice facility to work out after games. "This guy has a drive that you need at this level," said McMillan. "I still feel it would have helped him to go to college. But he made the decision to go pro. And I think he will be a good pro."

Before a recent game against Seattle, he sought out [Ray] Allen, a five-time all-star for the SuperSonics. Webster used to ask Allen questions when they ran up and down the floor during games. When they met for the final time of the regular season, the two huddled courtside for about 20 minutes. "He asked 50 million, well, not 50 million, but plenty of questions in regards to shooting and how I carry myself in relation to the team and being a leader. Everything that it stands for and what it means," Allen said. "He'll be able to play based upon his work ethic and how he contributes to the team and how his teammates respect him."