Tuesday Bullets

  • Remind me again why Manu Ginobili isn't up there near the top of the desirable free agent list?

  • It's a big hoops debate: To foul or not to foul when up three. On video, several Washington Wizards talk it out. Just as it's hard to get basketball people on one page on this point, it's also hard to get James Singleton on one page -- his opinions are all over the place.

  • Kurt Rambis, back when he was a Laker assistant, talking about the value of Derek Fisher: "He has been absolutely tremendous. Unbelievable. His knowledge of the offense, his undaunted nature, how hard he practices, his maturity -- it's hard to list the number of ways he has helped out our ball club. He's a great example. And when people have been through personal tragedies and different situations like that, they know how to pull through." I buy that, and believe he has been very valuable to the Lakers. Nevertheless, he hasn't been productive on the court this year, so when I saw the headline, "Fisher's value can't be measured," I can't fight the urge to make the cheap joke of tacking on the two words "at all."

  • Pistons on Twitter: Charlie Villanueva is fed up with this season, and is worried that if he's frank about it he'll get fined. And something happened that made Austin Daye really mad.

  • If you don't think Scottie Pippen should be in the Hall of Fame, talk to this guy.

  • In 29 cities, they'd kill for more wins. And in "let them eat cake" Cleveland, worries that perhaps they have won too much.

  • On NBA.com, Scott Howard-Cooper connects the dots between the Oklahoma City bombing, and the Oklahoma City Thunder: "When the Seattle SuperSonics became the Oklahoma City Thunder before last season, the team organized a trip to the Memorial to make sure players and staffers understood the impact. New acquisitions get a similar tour. And part of the pre-game introductions at the Ford Center, the same light-and-noise show that goes on in most every arena, are words like humility, committed and community. Resiliency is the first word. That is no coincidence. In less than two seasons, the Thunder went from relocating franchise to part of the healing process, whether the group of young players wanted the role or not. It was probably less than one season, actually. There was a statement in just the arrival: The NBA had come to town! 'Now that I think about it, that's what it really is,' Durant said. 'A lot of people would say Oklahoma City is for the guy that bombed the building downtown. That's the only time, really, national media got a hold of Oklahoma City, and that's unfortunate. But God does everything for a reason. I'm a big believer in that. I'm glad He brought us here to be a part of something special. I'm excited. Words can't explain how excited I am. Hopefully sooner rather than later we bring a championship back here and really let the world know that Oklahoma City is something other than the guy that came in and bombed the building.'" (Via Daily Thunder)

  • Suns fans, picture this.

  • Video of Rajon Rondo throwing some beautiful long downcourt passes.

  • Mark Cuban makes an interesting case that businesses should not let their customers determine their strategy.

  • Compared to a professional athlete, you are not fast, and here's video proof.

  • The reigning TrueHoop Stat Geek Smackdown champion says he thinks the Cavaliers will win the Finals this year.