Sactown Royalty: Bonzi Wells Getting 14 RPG vs. Spurs!

Tom Ziller of Sactown Royalty is a great blogger, and he has to be loving this Sacramento action. He offers plenty of insight:

Bonzi Wells wasn't even that spectacular on the low post in offensive set plays Sunday night - he played much sharper last Tuesday in San Antonio, before Popovich decided to bring doubles upon first dribble. But has a 6'5 guard ever been so tough to keep off the offensive glass? I mean, this isn't Charlotte or Atlanta we're talking about here. It's the San Antonio Freaking Spurs, winners of two of the last three NBA championships. This is Tim Duncan. This is the best defensive team in the world. This 30-year-old off-guard isn't supposed to be averaging 14 rebounds over four games against them.

Call it "The Passion of the Bonzarelli." I can't imagine how many people will crack the "must be a contract year" joke - hell, Bill Simmons dispensed with it before the playoffs even started. Whatever the motivation - last season's playoff suspension by Mike Fratello, the always-hovering reputation as a selfish cat, the contract, a lesson to John Nash and Jerry West - it's working. The guy has been to truest sense of the word "Threat" - constantly a threat to get a steal, a block, a backdoor cut, a putback dunk, a stunning drive, a perimeter jumper, an open-court look. The guy can truly do it all right now.