Dave D'Alessandro's Playoff Referee Rundown

Now that he puts it that way, it does seem pretty bad:

We all seem to forget that just as every player mistake is magnified this time of year, so is every decision by the refs-- not granting Nash that timeout in overtime of Game 4 at LA, not calling the travel on LeBron at the end of Game 3 at D.C., (and speaking of emasculation) not catching Reggie Evans groping Chris Kaman in Game 4 at Denver, etc., etc. The highlight for me is probably Bernie Fryer thinking that L-Frank was giving him some kind of Justice Scalia goomba thing and nailing him with a technical. Yeah, they've been screwing up a lot, but as you suggest, it's not the errors of omission that bother me as much as the unnecessary calls. I attribute this to the annual league mandate that they have to crack down on the cheap stuff, without finding that balance between order and the physical play that becomes more prevalent in postseason. But have no fear, it usually gets better with each succeeding round.