Suns Consider Raja Bell's Takedown

Still no word on whether or not Raja Bell will be suspended for game six against the Lakers.
Doug Haller of the Arizona Republic has word that Jerry Colangelo left Stu Jackson a voicemail as soon as the game ended to plead Bell's case.

Haller also has the following quotes from people in the Suns organization, including one from Bell in which he fully admits that he overreacted:

Jerry Colangelo:
"We don't believe this was an isolated incident or play. There were a number of things that led up to that flagrant foul. Things that have happened the whole series. A lot of elbows. It's been a very physical matchup between Raja and Kobe. I think Raja was pretty explicit. He lost his head. He overreacted, but a lot of things led to it."

Raja Bell:
"At that point in time I had caught another elbow in my jaw. I've been hit in the face multiple times during the series, and it was an overreaction. A bad play on my part."

Mike D'Antoni:
"We've been on the short end for a lot of things, and whether that comes into account, I don't know," he said. "Whatever, we're going to win it with him, or we'll go and win it for him."

Steve Nash:
"Kwame Brown (knocked) Boris Diaw to the ground then stood over him with his crotch in his (Diaw's) face... If they start suspending guys now, I think that'd be unfair."

Who knows if Raja Bell will be suspended or not. And who knows if his suspension would be the difference maker. Basketball is a dynamic game. It's not chess. Things happen quickly and unpredictably. If Leandro Barbosa has a fantastic game playing for Bell, being a real difference maker, it would hardly be the first time this season he has played extremely well. The two players have similar +/- numbers for the playoffs so far. And basketball history is filled with examples of teams "stepping up" in the absence of a certain player. If two or three players from either team get hot, that team will likely win.