American Basketball Players in Iran

Just in case Americans start dropping bombs, the networks are ramping up their coverage of Iran. The more you read about it, the more it sounds like a perfectly nice place with some nutjobs at the helm. CNN's Aneesh Raman checks in with a story about Garth Joseph, a 7-2 center who is one of several Americans playing in Iran (there was actually a much longer and more thorough story in the ESPN magazine that came out last week, but you can't read that one online.):

Since arriving in Iran, he's had to get used to the restrictions of this Islamic republic. There are no bars to go to or clubs to hang out at. But he's developed strong relationships with his Iranian teammates, who he claims are the best he's ever played with.

At his modest apartment, the bed is in the living room, giving him a bit more space. Traveling upstairs has some physical restrictions: The elevator is too small for his giant frame and he has to bend his head just to fit.

As for the nuclear dispute, he says he hasn't heard it discussed in the streets, yet. His family calls constantly, asking if Americans are cursed or heckled. He tells them he hasn't experienced anything like that.

And there's the more pressing question: Will he have to leave if tensions continue to rise? He's not concerned about that, at least not yet.

Thanks Michael for the link.