Tuesday Bullets

  • John Krolik of Cavs: The Blog, on the Celtics' Game 2 domination of the Cavaliers: "Enough with the elbow. Screw the elbow. First of all, the Cavs weren’t winning this game if LeBron had three healthy elbows. Second of all, LeBron is 48 hours removed from taking over a game. Third of all, LeBron didn’t play like he was hurt. He played like he didn’t have control of the game. He was waiting for his teammates to get involved early, and tried to get the team back in it in the second. After the Celtics made their run in the third, it was too late. LeBron going to the basket is like a 100-mph fastball. It’s great early in the count. If the batter is thinking about the curveball or the changeup, there’s no way he’s going to catch up to it. You almost always go to the fastball on a 3-2 count. But no matter how good a fastball is, it’s going to end up in the bleachers if it’s a 2-0 or 3-1 count and the batter is sitting on it. That’s what happened in this game."

  • The Suns' best play is long on scoring, but it's called "short."

  • Wayne Winston: "With Rondo in the Celtics are plus-19 points in 87 minutes. With Rondo out they are minus-nine points in nine minutes. Also the lineup of Rondo with four bench players (Sheed, Tony, Big Baby and Finley) was amazing plus-eight points in six minutes. When you can rest four starters and pick up points, you are doing something right!"

  • Ty Lawson wants a new personal logo, and so he's asking his Twitter followers to provide him with one.

  • Scott Lynn has written an amazing book about Quinn Buckner's high school team. "Thornridge" includes one of my all-time favorite exchanges: "I asked his coach, Ron Ferguson, what that Thornridge team would have been like with Buckner and four ordinary players. Fergie said 'with Quinn Buckner around, how long do you think the other four would be ordinary?'" What an amazing goal to have -- to be that kind of teammate. The book is an amazing tale of hoops, race and more. And how it was written is another amazing tale, as Lynn wrote it through the tough days of his own cancer treatments. Here's a nice review of the book, and some of the story of how it was written.

  • If I had a sports bar, I'd add this Rajon Rondo clip to the highlights that could just play in a loop, broadcast onto the wall.

  • Kevin Garnett has slightly outplayed Antawn Jamison.

  • John Hollinger (Insider) lists the best point guards in the NBA right now. Chris Paul has the third spot on the list held for him in abstentia. Care to guess at the two guys ahead of him?

  • 41 years ago today Bill Russell won his 11th championship in 13 years, in a two-point Game 7 Finals win over the Lakers. Which really just goes to show all kinds of stuff about greatness, and a fair amount how much earlier in the year the Finals used to be played.

  • Eddy Rivera, blogger at Magic Basketball, takes an intensive look and says there really is not a strong case to make that Dwight Howard deserves to be MVP: "Howard is a magnificent talent, a rare breed of player in today’s perimeter-oriented NBA, and more than worthy of being named the Defensive Player of the Year for a second consecutive season, there’s no way to justify choosing him over James at the MVP. Mind you, this is not an indictment on Howard. Not at all. This is a recognition of an individual that has transcended the sport of basketball. Someone that, according to Larry Bird, will 'probably be better than all of us when it’s all said and done.' That person is LeBron James. Again, because it’s worth repeating, this is not an indictment on Howard. It’s just that James is, and has been, that good."

  • What new ownership could mean in New Orleans, and free beer.

  • The Lakers got Ron Artest to guard those multi-talented wing scorers like LeBron James or Brandon Roy, but the Jazz don't have anyone like that for Artest to guard.

  • Hawks coach Mike Woodson says bench big man Jason Collins can come in and guard Dwight Howard a little. Bret Lagree of Hoopinion: "It's been done. It didn't help. Two fouls and a turnover in 1:47. During part of a 15-2 Orlando run."

  • Hedo Turkoglu and Vince Carter are totally different players. Except on the stat sheet.

  • Matt McHale of By the Horns on John Paxson and Vinny Del Negro: "Paxson is the same guy who broke the bank for Ben Wallace, swapped LaMarcus Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas, and has made at least a half dozen other indefinsible moves. The team owner loves Paxson, and Paxson did not love the coach. So what is pretty much had to be. Look, there’s a scale between bad and great. Vinny wasn’t great -- I’m not sure the man ever learned to call a decent play coming out of a timeout -- but he wasn’t bad either. Under the circumstances, many of them very unfavorable, Del Negro was a good coach. He kept the ship afloat and helped develop Rose into an All-Star and Noah into a near All-Star. The Bulls could have done a lot worse. Still, let’s hope this time they do a lot better."

  • DeMar DeRozan blogs about the rookie of the year: "I’m happy for Tyreke. I’ve been playing against him since we were in seventh grade. That being said, all of the guys mentioned had a great year. Look at the playoffs though, look what Brandon did in the postseason. He lead his team. He really showed people the real Brandon, his character, the type of player he is. Either of those guys would have been deserving, though. It’s just big, watching all of the guys I came into the league with. I want them to succeed. We all grew up together. It feels good watching them in the postseason now. I hope they get the most out of their experience. I know I wish I was there."

  • You know how the Timberwolves drafted four million point guards last year? They're almost as likely as anyone to get the top pick this year, when the presumed top pick would be another point guard. So ... if you ran the Timberwolves, and had Jonny Flynn and Ramon Sessions, with Ricky Rubio on ice, would you pick John Wall?

  • The dilemma of Morris Almond. It's not easy to be an amazing scorer in the D-League, 'cause mostly NBA teams shop there for role players.

  • Chris Bosh, in Houston, would kill with the pick and roll.

  • About Pat Riley possibly returning to the bench.

  • Those "White Hot" Kobe Bryant photos, as imagined by Deadspin readers with photoshop.

  • David Berri is apparently not getting enough hate mail, so he has gone to some trouble to make clear that he thinks Kobe Bryant is not only not an MVP, but is also only the third best Laker.