The All-American White Team

For reasons that need not be thought about too much, Nah Right is listing the five best white American players in the NBA (Europeans and South Americans are excluded because they are "too damn good").

Kirk Hinrich tops the list:

Few things bring me joy like watching melinan deficiant players get abused in the NBA. I can’t ever recall seeing it happen to Kirk though. He plays with a level of poise that you normally takes players 5+ years to obtain. He’s had it since day 1. He’s a tough little f*cker too. He sort of reminds me of John Stockon with baggy shorts.

He is joined by Mike Miller, Wally Szczerbiak, Brad Miller, and Chris "He look like he washes his hair with fish grease!" Kaman. Mark Madsen gets a shout out too, but mostly for his bad dancing.

(via I Heart KG and StillListentoGangstaMusic)