The Slovenian view of Goran Dragic

The Suns' Slovenian backup point guard sent shockwaves through the NBA by almost single-handedly destroying the Spurs in the fourth quarter of Game 3. On Valley of the Suns, Erik Vidmar describes playing youth basketball in Slovenia with Goran "Gogi" Dragic when he was 15:

Before the game our coach warned us about some of their players, especialy about one player who was not so very tall, but extremely quick and dangerous for the basket. His name was Goran Dragic.

We thought that our coach was overreacting. But when the game started we saw how quick he was and that even our best defensive players couldn’t stop him. He wasn’t the best shooter, but the way he attacked the rim was incredible. Nobody of our age could do something like that and his ball handling was very good. They won the match because we didn’t have the answer for him. And I still remember that I said that he can really achieve a lot, because in a few minutes of game we saw that he is a special player.

After the game I asked some people about him and they told me that they call him Gogi, which is short for Goran and that they are expecting that soon should appear an offer from a bigger club. I said that I would keep an eye on him because I hoped that he really would get a good offer and make a name for himself.