Maverick Scowl

How do you get a playoff blowout win in San Antonio? With attitude. Watch the highlights of the Mavericks -Spurs last night. Just about every Dallas player has a vicious scowl on their faces at all times. I don't know what's in their Gatorade bottles, but it's strong stuff. These guys are amped up and pissed off.

Starting Devin Harris was a key move--he does an amazing job creating scoring opportunities for himself and others. I love to watch him play.

But my favorite highlight of the night was undoubtedly Josh Howard inbounding from the sideline to Erick Dampier, and then getting the return pass for a fantastic two-handed dunk in traffic.

Read the Mavs "Hoop Scoop" playoff blog for moment by moment recounting of the highlight of Dallas's modern history thus far. There are hundreds of subplots developing: Mark Cuban lobbying the referees to call Tony Parker for carrying the ball, San Antonio's loathesome relationship with Steve Javie, and the kid shooting underhanded free throws who won some competition.

Also on that blog: Chip Brown wants to trade Nowitzki:

Dirk's not a leader, and at the end of the day, he's a 7-foot jump shooter. He refuses to add the ability to play with his back to the basket against smaller defenders (see his inability to make like Bonzi Wells and muscle Bruce Bowen).

Garnett gives you scoring, rebounding and a leader. I know he hasn't done much in the playoffs, but look at the selfish players he was saddled with in Minnesota (Latrell "How am I gonna feed my kids?" Sprewell, Starbury Marbury and Wally Ascerbiac).