Dwight Howard's rough afternoon

When asked about his defensive strategies against Carmelo Anthony or the Lakers' big men during Utah's postseason run, Jerry Sloan routinely pointed out that it's impossible for a defense to focus disproportionate attention to a specific player or area of the court without leaving itself vulnerable somewhere else. When you're facing an elite team with weapons all over the floor, choosing where to allocate defensive resources is especially tough.

Against a dominant Orlando team, Boston had to decide: Would they send double-teams down low to disrupt Dwight Howard or would they stay at home on the Magic's lethal perimeter shooters and let Kendrick Perkins, Rasheed Wallace and Glen Davis fend for themselves one-on-one against Howard? Boston chose the latter.

In today's episode of Superstar Underachievement, Dwight Howard is stifled by the Celtics' defense, despite confronting Perkins and Co. one-on-one. What held him back? We explore what happened at Orlando with David Thorpe: