Happy ending for a sad young Laker fan

FanHouse's Rob Peterson is a Bucks fan.

But his five-year-old son loves the color yellow, and has decided to root for the Lakers.

Peterson writes that they had this exchange last night, before the boy went off to bed in tears:

"Will you root for the Lakers?" he asked, tears welling up in his eyes.

"No," I responded, "I'm rooting for the Suns."


"Because I'm rooting for the Suns," I said. "I've wanted to see the Suns and Steve Nash make it to The Finals for the longest time. "

As a lover of offense, they've been toying with my hoops heart for a while. I can only imagine how true Suns fans feel.

"So, you're not rooting for the Lakers?"

"No," I tried to explain, "I haven't done so since the '80s."

"Wh-wh-wh-why won't anyone root for the Lakers with me," he sobbed as my wife tried to console him.

"Mommy, will you root for the Lakers?" he continued.

She wasn't, but I didn't want him to think both parents were against him, so I jumped in.

"Buddy, it's OK, you can root for the Lakers," I tried in a consoling tone. "Just because I don't doesn't mean you can't."

At breakfast this morning, the young Laker fan learned the Lakers had won, and pumped his fists in the air in glee.

Peterson says "it was enough to make a grown man cry."