Thursday Bullets

  • Deron Williams, Al Horford, O.J. Mayo, Carmelo Anthony, Pau Gasol, Chauncey Billups, Grant Hill ... a list of former third overall picks to console Nets fans. In truth, though, I cherry-picked. Also on the list are Benoit Benjamin and Adam Morrison. But certainly, nothing to sneeze at.

  • When you play the Celtics, 16.2% of your possessions will end in turnovers, which is one of the best numbers in history.

  • Marc Stein with a fascinating report about the intersection of the NBA and the oil spill: "One coaching source said Sunday that incoming Hornets owner Gary Chouest -- who has participated in most of the interviews New Orleans has conducted so far -- has also been occupied in recent days mobilizing his marine-vessel company to assist with containment efforts in the ongoing BP oil-spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico."

  • Darius from Forum Blue and Gold on Ron Artest: "Throughout the year, I’ve thought that Ron was almost too deferential to Kobe and that he second guessed way too often considering his talent on offense. By no means was I clamoring for Ron to go into 'hero' mode, but I wanted him to trust his game and to shoot the ball without hesitation when he was open. He’s now doing that and the results are much better than what they were for the last part of the season. Also, having that wrap off of his left hand has seemed to help too."

  • If the Cavaliers are shopping for a new coach, these are the qualities they should look for. Topping the list is having the ability to convince LeBron James to stay.

  • Michael Schwartz of Valley of the Suns: "The Suns then came out strong to start the second half and ended up playing their best basketball of the series in the final 7:22 of the third when Jared Dudley replaced Robin Lopez to give the Suns a small ball lineup of Nash-Richardson-Dudley-Hill-Amare. This is not a lineup the Suns used much during the regular season, often favoring a second big and just one of Hill/Dudley, but it sure worked tonight. That unit outscored the Lakers by nine the rest of the quarter to leave things tied up at 90 at the end of three. Dudley did a decent job on Kobe and despite playing so small Phoenix limited Los Angeles to just 25 points, its lowest scoring quarter of the series. On the other end, Hill hopped in his hot tub time machine and went for 14 in the quarter off a dizzying array of mid-range jumpers and J-Rich chipped in with 12. The Suns had five shooters on the floor and played their only sustained period of excellent basketball of the series aside from the quick 11-0 bench run in the second."

  • Wayne Winston points out that the Suns are particularly bad when Channing Frye is on the floor against Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol.

  • Manute Bol has been hospitalized.

  • Amare Stoudemire having a hard time defending the pick and roll.