Random Weekend Observations

  • Wonder who William Wesley is rooting for in Detroit-Cleveland. His two tightest connections in the league are to Rip Hamilton and LeBron James. He has been visible on TV a number of times throughout the series. And as many of you have pointed out to me (thank you) he is also in a Boost Mobile commercial with Rip Hamilton. That's him on the turntables. Need4Sheed will show you. A friend of Wes's told me that Wes actually arranged Rip's deal with Boost Mobile.

  • Clippers-Suns is incredibly exciting.

  • How bad was Tayshaun Prince's layup attempt near the end of last night's game? And then I'm pretty sure it was Chauncey who tossed a ball clean out of bounds. Uncharacteristic end-game mistakes by the Pistons undermined their potential comeback. First time all season I've thought to myself "that wouldn't have happened under Larry Brown." They might have had ten thousand other problems--like self-loathing that leads to implosion (see 2006-2006 NY Knicks) but they wouldn't have been loosey-goosey down the stretch.

  • San Antonio often makes things look easy. But things don't look easy for them against Dallas.