A Titan Will Fall

Before the season began, everyone from Magic Johnson to Frankie Muniz thought the San Antonio Spurs were going to be repeat champions. Why wouldn't they be?

Enter Detroit. At the halfway-point of the season, and even at the halfway-point of yesterday, everyone assumed that the Pistons were 100% ready to kick off their own dynasty.

But things change. The Tim Duncans of the world get nagging injuries. The Nick Van Exels and Michael Finleys don't get any faster. The Rasheed Wallaces fire up the opposition.

And now, just in this second round, the Pistons are getting a real test (tied 2-2 with Cleveland and looking confused in the clutch), and the Spurs are on the doorstep of oblivion down 3-1 to the Mavericks.

Wow. It's hard to believe. This is a fun time to be a basketball fan. I feel like I have no idea what's going to happen, and the best part of the season is still to come.