Derek Fisher on his 0.4 second miracle

It was one of the most memorable shots of the decade (even if it was not a great day for precision in NBA timekeeping).

In Game 5 of a 2004 playoff series in San Antonio, the Lakers trailed the Spurs by one point after Tim Duncan made a very tough leaner of a long jumper with a hand in his face. There were just four tenths of a second left, when Fisher made this shot.

In a new video interview on his website, Fisher talks in great detail about that shot. He describes the particulars of the inbounds play -- which he says the Lakers run to this day.

He also talks about how when the ball first left his fingertips, he thought it was long. He points out that he doesn't shoot a lot of fadeaways like that, and wasn't used to the feeling. But then, as the ball traveled a bit, his thoughts changed to "oh, this is right on line."

Then he points out something pretty funny about the celebration. As soon as the ball went in, he had one thought: run to the locker room. Get out of here. His teammates, meanwhile, had a different single thought: Mob Derek Fisher. In the highlights, you can see his teammates run from the bench at the far end of the court, to surround him, only he ran right through all of them, back in the direction where they had come from, and out of the arena. That forced them to circle back, as Fisher says "like a cartoon," to keep up with him.