Friday Bullets

  • Here comes Larry Hughes.

  • Larry Brown and James Dolan said to be meeting soon.

  • What’s the point of being the sixth-richest man in the world if you can’t have what you want?

  • Al Attles on high draft picks: "...one of the biggest mistakes you can make is letting size dictate things. For the longest time, our league was too big man-oriented. And sometimes you make mistakes by taking a big man instead of the better all-around player."

  • Shannon Brown impressing.

  • Cavaliers + 5 1/2, Mavericks - 1 1/2

  • Clifford Ray finally got a job. I have been blogging for this for a long time.

  • Paul Coro and Debora Britz: "Barbosa's mother has just turned the corner on a battle with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma; stomach cancer took his father's life more than a year ago."

  • Finley took one for the team, and veteran Bruce Bowen made sure he didn't retaliate. Here's Johnny Ludden: "I didn't want an official to see someone acting out aggressively and say, 'Hey, technical foul, '" Bowen said. "They gave Mike a technical foul (in Game 3) here when he jumped in the air and his arm got flung into Dirk. So I was just trying to keep him out of harm's way."

  • Chris Sheridan: "You can count the positive moments in Cavs history on one hand, with a couple extra fingers to spare. They won the draft lottery in 2003, they reached the Eastern Conference finals in 1992 by defeating the Boston Celtics in Larry Bird's final game, and they made it to that same round in 1976 by knocking off the defending conference champion Washington Bullets in Game 7."

  • Could be four Lakers in the World Championships. Mitch Kupchak talks to LakersBlog: "Well Lamar is (going as well). Lamar and Kobe for USA Basketball, Ronny would be for the French National Team, and Sasha would be for the Slovenian National Team. I think it's possible that all four of those players would be on their national teams this summer."

  • Draft lottery is Tuesday. Some perspective from the North.

  • The Cavaliers are switching on pick and rolls, and Pistons haven't been making them pay. Flip Saunders audio.

  • The Onion: Isiah Thomas is the George Bush of the Knicks. (Via Moonball)

  • Brian Windhorst: "LeBron James likely to re-sign with Cavaliers this July: James has already built a strong relationship with primary team owners Dan Gilbert and David Katzman, who can often be found watching games or hanging out before and after games with James' closest advisors. Gilbert's children often mingle in the hallways of arenas with James' manager, Maverick Carter. Two of the first people to congratulate Gilbert in Washington when the Cavs prevailed in a series over the Wizards were James' agent Leon Rose and advisor William Wesley."

  • Getting crazy Nike-style in Cleveland. Via FreeDarko.

  • Ira Winderman: "Yes, Detroit has looked shaky the past three games. Yes, Flip Saunders has plenty to answer for. Yes, Detroit has been off with its outside shot.

  • Steve Kerr: "The loss of their second-leading scorer is a huge blow to the Mavericks, who rely so much on Terry for outside shooting and ball handling. Terry's absence further heightens the pressure facing the Mavs, who don't want any part of a Game 7 in San Antonio on Monday night. Without Terry, Jerry Stackhouse will most likely step into the starting lineup, weakening the Dallas bench."

  • If the Pistons lose, the Motor City still has Jimmy Hoffa.