Your move, Phil Jackson

If you haven't yet seen Kevin Arnovitz's breakdown of how Ray Allen got open in Game 2, stop reading this and go watch that.

And it brings up an interesting little playoff point: Winning a series is often about making opponents think, which often means coaching adjustments.

The more I watch that, the clearer it is that Derek Fisher really can't guard Ray Allen. Not if the Celtic big men are going to get away with all those moving picks away from the ball.

Kobe Bryant can do a good job of it, though. And as Arnovitz demonstrates, the Lakers can stay closer to Allen on the break, and help a lot more as he's coming off screens.

The solution isn't obvious. Switching Bryant to Allen risks Rajon Rondo going crazy, and costs the Lakers their best help defender. Maybe Sasha Vujacic should spend some time chasing Allen? Maybe the key is making sure Andrew Bynum is more attentive?

But what they can't do is just let him run around the halfcourt getting wide open time and again. That's going to hurt. And I'd be very surprised to see that happen. No Phil Jackson team is going to go into Game 3 with the same game plan that sprung a leak in Game 2. Something will be different. When Game 3 starts, the race will be on the see what's different.