William Wesley on Jerry Stackhouse's radio show

On Monday evening, notoriously secretive insider William Wesley granted a rare on-the-record interview to Jerry Stackhouse and Bill Lekas on their "Stack's House" SIRIUS XM radio show. A partial transcript:

Stackhouse: “You have to admit you know everybody and it’s under the impression that you have a good idea what’s going on and a lot of people wanna know. Someone that you’re really close with is LeBron. I mean, talk to me about what he’s going through right now and kinda what he’s thinking.”

Wesley: “He’s going through the process that was afforded to him. He’s going to touch each base of the process of free agency, I believe. I haven’t sat down and talked to him. I don’t wanna sit down with him and talk to him about it unless, you know, if he brings something to me or asks a question or something along those lines I’ll address it. But this is his decision for him and his family to make.”

Lekas: “Wes, do you think it matters to him if Tom Izzo ends up being the coach in Cleveland? Is that something that would be high on his priority list?”

Wesley: “He’s a basketball player so, you know, whoever the coach is wherever he should go he’s going to, you know, be willing to be coached and directed in the right manner. He’s a basketball player.”

Stackhouse: “So you’re basically saying you don’t think that it’s a turnoff for him if they sign Izzo?”

Wesley: “No, I mean whoever is the coach in place at that time he’s gonna roll with him. It’s part of his decision process, I’m sure.”

Lekas: “Has he wanted to be involved, do you know, as far as getting consulted about who the team is looking at for a head coach? Does he want to be involved in that part of the process?”

Wesley: “No. I just shared with you I haven’t even conversated with him about this process because this is his family and that’s their process. So, you know, I haven’t talked to him about that.”